Square portraits of Avery, Stephanie, and Josh in a horizontal row
October 19, 2021
Meet the founders of TTRPG tech startup Bringing Fire: Avery, Steph, and Josh. They have different work backgrounds, but all share a passion for building smart, well-designed digital tools for gamers that respect the spirit of the hobby.
A speech bubble containing a microscope and a question mark on the left side of the frame, and a lot of speech bubbles from the right side of the frame answering with icons of dice, tables, books, documents of multiple types, music, and recording equipment.
October 12, 2021
When it comes to creating the best possible campaign management system, the more input, the better. Since March, I’ve talked to nearly a hundred GMs, and I’m incredibly excited to share what we’ve learned. Let’s start with an overview, and in the coming months, I’ll follow up with a deep-dive into each area.
A network of round nodes connected with lines and a flame in the central node
August 25, 2021
The mission of Bringing Fire is to level up the tech used in tabletop role-playing games with user-centric design, content portability, and open standards. To start, we’re building an intelligent campaign authoring system for gamemasters that integrates with creative tools and virtual tabletops. As we progress, we want to forge a coalition of TTRPG businesses to modernize and grow the whole industry.
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