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Introducing Campaign Composer

Gamemasters are sophisticated creators with a highly specialized process. Bringing Fire is building Campaign Composer, a thoughtful digital system for making that process as easy and effective as possible. Campaign composer will let you:


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Being a GM involves doing three distinct things, sometimes simultaneously. Writing structure, making sure you’re prepared for a session, and running sessions, where you co-create the actual story with your players. Campaign Composer’s unique design supports a GM through it all.


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Epics require both scope and immersion. Even the most low-prep GMs could benefit from a curated list of all the people and places that have appeared in their campaigns and a dashboard with all their schemes and the PCs' individual stories laid out in a nice diagram. Without really great tools, though, It‘s just too much work.

Campaign Composer makes it easy to bring a sense of scope to your game, helping a GM weave character backstory, adventure plot, and table improv together into an internally consistent whole.

the Campaign composer difference


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Campaign Composer is the only system built from the ground up to be a complete solution for every part of authoring, prepping, and running campaigns. It uses a unique underlying technology to connect the wide range of resource types a GM manages into a seamless experience.


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GMs often enrich their campaigns with art, music, maps, and other media to enhance immersion, and increasingly they rely on an ecosystem of creators and creative tools to source those assets. For prepping and running games, a wealth of digital accessories exist, such as virtual tabletops, encounter builders, and searchable rule references. Campaign Composer sits at the center of the GM’s ecosystem, seamlessly importing assets, efficiently organizing them and associating them to their place in the campaign, and deploying everything automatically to VTTs so GMs don’t have to spend a single extra minute doing administrative chores.


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The most popular tools for writing campaigns continue to be Word, Google Docs, and a discontinued version of MS OneNote. They don’t add much when it comes to the specific needs GMs have, but a lot of GMs prefer their flexibility to the rigidity imposed by the systems built to manage campaigns. Campaign Composer doesn't give a GM template-grooming chores, or make them learn a special new language. It adapts to the unique style of every individual GM, offering them the benefits of a structured, curated encyclopedia of their campaign, with the flexibility of a text editor.

Meet the team

Avery Prometheus Rosen's portrait
Avery Prometheus Rosen
Co-Founder & CEO
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Josh Matthews
Co-Founder & CTO
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Stephanie Erwin
Co-Founder & COO
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